All Things Shall Pass

All Things Shall Pass

The first time my son met his little sister, he cried and said, “No.”  I also cried, that morning, the next morning, the weeks that followed - overwhelmed by an infant I hardly knew, over-needed by a toddler I could no longer care for.  Two under two, I felt under, too.

They say, “All things shall pass.” With young kids, this happens with haste. 

My son’s hesitation grew to curiosity, then love. His hands, once vehemently objecting, now reach for his little sister: an invitation to play, a squeeze of delight, a comfort for distress.  My daughter had little choice, never a life before her brother, yet never a friend who loves her more.  Twenty months between them, but rarely time apart.  As a family of two under five, time is speeding by.  

The rumbling, tumbling, of four dinosaur feet; the tea parties with plastic and air; the race day jitters of a cardboard car crew; two little faces of mine to hold close, it all will pass. 

So how do we hold on to these kind of days?  Days of bickering and giggling, of tattles and tales, of magic only conjured by young children.  Days where nothing happens except life itself - where are these moments saved, if not in books?


"My Sister is a Bother" is a story that explores the dynamic relationship between siblings in toddlerhood, and illustrates the world of pretend as a bridge between play and fantasy.  I wrote this for my children, for myself, and for families wanting to linger in this period, just a little longer. 

This book is written in English with selected Vietnamese translations.  Each scene includes relevant Vietnamese words to its theme - I hope this is a fun and accessible way to expand your family's bilingual vocabulary.   


Rosita Amalia is our illustrator.  To me, her talent shines most in the interpretation of fragmented ideas into cohesive stories.  From a simple request to blend reality with imagination, Rosita delivered magic and I absolutely love the results.  See for yourself.  For more of Rosita's work, follow her at IG @galerirosita.


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